IMG_4192 The “11 days” room at Defunk Studios is a serious soundproof room. This is not your average domestic studio. It is a “room within a room” that is acoustically treated and designed for optimal sound. A great sound starts with a great room and we take “your sound” very seriously. Anyone can slap on a boxed plugin sound but, we want to capture “your sound AND feel.” Even the décor was thoughtfully chosen to inspire creativity and comfort. Being in the studio is awesome and we strive to make every aspect enjoyable. From concept talks all the way to the finished product, we will work our hearts out to get the product you desire.

defunk studios strives for professionalism in a very comfortable working enviroment. Our main objective is to get great sound and stellar perfomances out of you. Getting the sound you want and deserve is not just important to you but, us as well. After all, our name is on it too.

We will provide production help if desired in a respectful manner. We are not just button pushers, we want to help make your recordings the best they can be.

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We named the new defunk studios room “11 days” in honor of Mikes’ awesome wife Mary Cay. “11 Days” is the name of the song he surprised her with on their wedding day. “This whole project has been a dream for a long time, with her help my dream came true.” Said Mike. Check out the “images” for the photos documenting it’s construction. For you curious types, here are the specs on the room:

The live room is constructed to be a “room within a room” meaning, we built a room… and then built another room inside of it. The walls are constructed of 2 layers of 5/8″ thick drywall with a layer of Green Glue dampening compund in between. Then a 2″x4″, 24″ on center stud frame with a 1.5″ air gap, then another frame and more Drywall and Green Glue. The walls in total are 11.5″ thick with double doors (solid core with Green Glue and MDF) that are 2.5″ thick each and sealed all around. The room is treated with custom made Roxul acoustic panels. All cables are in wall Mogami and Canare, even Cat5 for you line 6 users. All room outlets are on an isolated circuit separate from lighting (no hum). There are also “Dead Vents” mufflers that allow fresh air in and out but with no sound.

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