The Quality of Recording Matters
APRIL 25, 2016
Over the last couple weeks of viewing artist pages, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, a deep concern has been developing over what I am seeing and hearing from many independent artists and bands. The lack of attention to their sound and overall quality of the recordings is detrimental to all of their other efforts.

With so much pressure for branding, getting more twitter followers and Facebook likes, the quality of the music is suffering and becoming an after thought. Here is the issue with that; although it is nice to see what you believe is a growing fan-base, this is a false sense of growth. The majority are going to be friends and family along with other bands or artists you have followed or liked and are just returning the favor. The truth is that those recordings of practice that are so muffled and distorted that people can’t hear the actual artistry and time you have put in crafting the song. It’s ruining any chances that you have at gaining a true fan base and even turning off your friends, even if they won’t admit it. Which by the way people, that is not doing them any favors. If you want to help them out try constructive criticism. They will appreciate your honesty.

Now I know many of you are thinking I am crazy and recording can be expensive and you don’t have the funds for a professional recording that sounds great. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially after talking with producers and engineers across the country. Some of the main issues seem to stem from independent artists and new comers that contact them. They still have the idea in their heads that they have to put out a full album right away because they have that much material written. When they try to advise them on other more efficient avenues and educate them on how this new evolution of the industry works, they don’t listen and wind up recording their album on a friends iPhone or iPad. A little advice, if a producer or engineer takes the time to break things down for you and gives you some free advise. Odds are they like what you are doing and are willing to work with you, yes even on price in some cases.

So, how is this accomplished, where is the money going to come from?

Lets break it down and start with the first step.

Research: get a list of studios, producers or engineers together, call them, meet with the staff and find the right person for your project. It can also beneficial to meet with both commercial and non-commercial studios.
Set money aside from your shows, this is an important one. Instead of just dividing up the money at the end of the night. Agree on an amount to set aside for recording.
Listen to the professionals, they are there to help and guide you through the process and keep you on time and budget.
Be professional and respectful, as competitive and cutthroat as this business can be. The majority of recording professionals within any given area know each other and do talk.
Earlier I had mentioned an evolution in the modern recording industry, although it’s nothing new at all there are just new platforms, mediums and more ways than every to make some money. As sales on CD’s continue to decline with the exception of a handful of artists, singles are on the comeback for most.

So what can a single do for a new artist or band?

One great sounding single has a more significant impact than a thrown together poorly sounding album. If utilized properly they can keep a band relevant and generate revenue to record their next song. Giving you the ability to put out several great sounding songs within a time frame that keeps you on the minds of your fans and earns you a new legitimate fan base.

Remember it is all about the music; don’t sell all of your hard work short.


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